Caring for your lawn and why it should matter to you

Lawn Care for Curb Appeal

Striped Lawn Care
Striped Lawn Care

Is your property lawn care appealing to the eye?  If not, you may want to address your curb appeal, starting with proper lawn care.  How your lawn looks from the street says a lot about you as the property owner.  Keeping your lawn manicured always helps the rest of your property look better.

Striping.  There’s nothing that looks nicer than a freshly cut lawn with a striped pattern. We really enjoy giving our client’s lawn a professional ballpark look and feel.

Prevent Pests with Proper Lawn Care

Pests on your lawn
Pests destroy lawns.

Proper treatment of your lawn helps prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn.  A healthy lawn will crowd out weeds, preventing them from taking root and spreading.

Routine lawn care for your lawn wards vermin, such as voles, chipmunks, and other pests from setting up camp on your lawn.  Mowed grass removes places for these critters to hide from larger predators.

Insects gravitate to certain types of vegetation.  Keeping a well-maintained lawn narrows the options down for these pests.  Spraying for insects or spreading granules after you’ve recently mowed always helps too.

Bylaws and the HOA

Lawn Care - City Fines for unkempt lawns
City fines can be expensive.

In most suburban areas, city bylaws require property owners perform regular lawn care maintenance. Typically, when a property has gone too long without attention, a property owner is warned then fined by the city for their lawn neglect.

Some HOAs are stringent and particular of their neighborhood’s appearance. Lawn care is of the utmost importance for sub-divisions, as properties tend to hold their value longer when the plot is inside a well cared-for community.

Children Playing

Child playing on a cut lawn.
little girl playing outside on the freshly mowed lawn.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a safe environment for children to roam.  Stomping, screaming and playing hard is natural for children, but indoors isn’t always the best place for that behavior. A soft plush lawn under a warm sun and fresh air, not only allows a child room to run but, also allows gives the parents a piece of mind that their children are still close to home.